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The Dysterra Multiplayer Beta begins today; New trailer released

Online game betas happen relatively often and allow players to try out games before they are released, like demos, but in a much more closed space. Games like Overwatch 2 are going through this right now, in fact, and have been in the mainstream for about a week now. Open betas bring us to Dysterra, our topic for today.

Developer Reality MagiQ and publisher Kakao Games have announced that starting today (May 4, 2022), players will be able to access the game’s global beta and try out the game for themselves. Previously, we covered this game a few months ago.

Dysterra Closed Beta Giveaway – Try This Dystopian Online Survival Game

Dysterra, for the record, is a large-scale sci-fi survival game that pits players against each other to survive in a desolate version of our world. The game has the usual features that survival games bring to the table: looting, crafting, building, and team play. If team play or battling against other players is not your thing, you can also play the game in PvE mode or single player mode.

The beta trailer can be seen below:

As for the beta hours of the game, Reality MagiQ has some information about it. The Dysterra Open Beta will run from May 4, 2022 and end on May 17, 2022. Accessing the beta is also very easy. To access it, just to find the game’s Steam pageand under the “Add to Wishlist” button, you can press the “Request Access” button to access and play it.

One thing to note when playing the beta version of this game is that the game’s resource requirements are slightly lower for some structures to accommodate the game’s beta period. Supposedly, based on testing previous ones, the main focus is that players “will find more typing satisfaction, an improved user interface, and greater development of motion capture animations.”

The Dysterra release date is currently TBA. However, we do know that it will be released on PC via Steam.