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The Ultimate Director of Super Smash Bros. shares a sad update with fans

Masahiro Sakurai, the beloved director behind Super Smash Bros Ultimate, shared a sad update with fans related to the popular platform fighting game. For those who follow Sakurai on social media, they’ve probably gotten used to seeing him post a new image associated with Super Smash Bros Ultimate every day for an extended period. And while this trend continues to this day, Sakurai has now said that won’t be true later this month.

Detailed on Twitter today, Sakurai said he’s nearly run out of new footage from Super Smash Bros Ultimate to share with fans. Sakurai said he captured around 200 images towards the end of the game’s development and has been posting them daily since then. However, this store of images is now almost exhausted, which means that this daily ritual is coming to an end.

“Post daily Ultimate Smash screens have been part of my working ritual for a while now… but it looks like I’m going to run out of them in August,” Sakurai said. “I even picked up about 200 new ones as we were wrapping up development, so it’s hard to believe they’ve already left. Time flies, that’s for sure!”

Even though this news from Sakurai does not affect Super Smash Bros Ultimate itself, this reveal is still something that a number of fans found quite upsetting in responses to her post. While development of the Nintendo Switch game Super Smash Bros. largely ended at the end of 2021 when Sora was added as the title’s final DLC character, a number of fans felt the title continued to stay alive thanks to the promotion in Sakurai class. of this one. And while Sakurai will surely continue to talk about Super Smash Bros Ultimate looking forward, seeing this daily routine come to an end makes it feel like the game has definitely reached the end of its long lifecycle.

What do you think about Sakurai finally ending this Super Smash Bros Ultimate ritual on social networks? And when do you think we might see the next Super Smash Bros. game? to arrive ? Let me know for yourself in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.