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This week in the game (September 19-25)

You never know what to expect in the gaming world and this week is proof of that.

Final Fantasy 14 shocked fans by announcing that they would soon be saying ta-ta on your belt. And while FF14 was saying goodbye, Fall Guys was saying hello to a world record. References to the Beatles aside, Nintendo was here, there and everywhere in the news this week – including confirming rumors about the nostalgic release of the N64 and Sega games on Nintendo Direct. We also got our first view of the Nintendo Switch OLED in the wild, as well as a clip surfacing that featured a beheading variety issue in the bug-filled free MOBA Pokemon Unite.

Here’s the biggest gaming news from Sunday, September 19 through today, September 25.

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Pokemon Unite Bug Beheads Squirtle


More like Pokemon Ununited, one player recently noticed that a bug was causing Squirtle – the adorable water-type Pokemon to go crazy. A video of the strange bug was recently posted on Reddit. The beheading seems to happen when Squirtle evolves into Wartortle – something we never got to see in the anime. Thanks, Ash! While this may be the most gruesome bug seen in Pokemon Unite, it certainly isn’t the first. Fans have been complaining about bugs and glitches since its release, including one where the entire map seems to disappear. The strange glitch also kept them from scoring goals.

Nintendo Switch OLED presented in Japan before its release


Nintendo announced the release of the Nintendo Switch OLED with a trailer on July 6, 2021. Since then, not much else has been announced on the console. However, fans in Japan got to see the OLED up close and personal as it was on display at Nintendo Tokyo. Some fans took to Twitter to show off the display – including a post that showed the screen with the 7-inch OLED screen with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The Nintendo Switch OLED is slated for release on Friday, October 8, 2021 and is currently available for pre-order for $ 349.99. However, many retailers are currently out of stock.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack brings N64 and Sega Genesis to Switch

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

What was initially just a rumor has now turned out to be a fact, as Nintendo announced that some Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games will be available on Nintendo Switch Online. Some of the titles include Dr. Mario 64, Mario Tennis, Starfox 66, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, as well as Castlevania: Bloodlines, Golden Ax, Shinobi 3: Return on the Ninja Master, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Streets of Rage 2. The exact release date has yet to be released, but be on the lookout for the Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack towards the end of October.

Fall Guys Most Downloaded PS Plus Game Ever, Sets Guinness World Record

fall guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout recently made history. Multiplayer battle royale was recently recognized as the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time and set a Guinness World Record. The landmark announcement was made via the official Fall Guys Twitter account.

The popularity of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – which released in August of last year – could possibly be attributed to the fact that many fans have used it as a way to connect with others during the pandemic.

Final Fantasy 14 removes the belts by not really removing the belts


Final Fantasy 14 gets rid of the belts. Well, sort of. As posted on the official Final Fantasy 14 Twitter account, “Belts will no longer be obtainable or equipped” in the most anticipated fourth expansion – Endwalker. This means the belts will still be in the game, they just won’t work. A blog post gave more information than the aforementioned tweet regarding what would happen to the slots for the belts stating: “… the armory chest slots assigned to the belts will be reassigned to the main weapons and rings.” Belt slots on your characters, restraints, and mannequins will also be removed, along with all belt crafting recipes. a goal.

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