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Uncharted Becomes 4th Video Game Movie To Hit $400 Million Worldwide

The weekend box office saw Sony’s Uncharted movie hit $400.7 million worldwide, according to Deadline. At the regional level, this total breaks down into $147.6 million for domestic catches and $253.1 for international catches.

After so many delays and finally releasing in February, Tom Rothman, President and CEO of Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, was quick to say in a company-wide email (via Slashfilm), “Uncharted is a new blockbuster film franchise for the company. This marks a big win for every division of the company, as the film was our first major production entirely halted by the advent of COVID, but we have persevered to complete a picture that the public loves and has marketed and distributed it with strategic verve around the world, despite the pandemic.”

It also bodes well for a sequel, as director Ruben Flesicher also mentioned earlier this year that, yes, the film leaves the door open for a – but he also wants Uncharted 4’s car chase in potential follow-up movie, which he called “the greatest car chase ever filmed in a movie or anything…this car chase is unparalleled”. Fleischer also noted that a sequel occurring was entirely dependent on the financial performance of the first film.

Sony wants to make more movies and recently created a division called PlayStation Productions that will handle all film and TV adaptations of its games. In April, Sony hired writer Takashi Doscher (Only, Hear Us) to pen the film adaptation of Sony’s 2020 video game Ghost of Tsushima.