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V Rising: The best weapons (and where to find them)

Players looking for the best weapons in V Rising should grab the Spear or Reaper, as their unique buffs give them an edge against certain enemies.

V rising offers players a multitude of weapons to experiment with, but many players may be wondering what are the best weapons in the game. V rising is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that emphasizes crafting and survival as gameplay mechanics. In the game, players take on the role of a vampire as he awakens from a centuries-old slumber . Players must regain their strength and power by using crafting to upgrade their gear and build a base to survive in the harsh world of V rising.

There are a total of seven weapon types in V rising, and each has its own unique abilities. Ranking these abilities is very subjective as their value will heavily depend on the synergy they have with a player’s build. However, while weapons in the game all have a three-hit combo and scale similarly in attack power, they vary widely in range and speed.

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Some weapons in V rising will also deal more damage to a certain type of enemy or part of the environment. Axes, for example, will deal a greater amount of damage to wood, making it ideal for farming wood in V rising. However, those looking for buffs against specific enemy types should consider the Spear, which deals 25% more damage to creatures, and the Reaper, which does the same against undead.

The highest DPS weapons in V Rising

V Rising Spear Ability Combat A Thousand Spears Weapon

Considering not only the speed of a three-hit combo, but also the recovery time between the combos themselves, three weapons stand out: the Spear, Mace, and Reaper.


This weapon deals the highest amount of damage per second in the game and is relatively fast while still having good range. Her first ability, A Thousand Spears, performs a multi-hit attack that can be re-shot to perform a thrust that knocks enemies back. Harpoon is an ability in V rising which deals a significant amount of damage and pulls an enemy towards the player. While this weapon is very good on its own, its 25% damage buff against creatures makes it the undisputed choice when facing beast-like enemies.


The Mace is the slowest weapon in the game, but not only does it have good damage and DPS, it also has a very good range, allowing players to easily hit multiple enemies with its fast strikes. The Crushing Blow ability jumps the player towards the cursor and slams the ground, dealing damage and inflicting Snare. His second ability in V risingSmack, is a large swing that deals damage and knocks enemies back while incapacitating them.


Reapers are tied for third with Axes when it comes to DPS, but their range, speed, and 25% damage bonus against undead give them an easy edge over the competition. Their first ability, Tendon Swing, is a sweeping attack that deals a large amount of damage and knocks enemies back while inflicting a 2 second slow. Howling Reaper will instruct the player to perform a spinning area of ​​effect attack that deals continuous damage for 2.5 seconds and slows enemies.

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V rising is available on PC.

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