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Video game developer Funcom opens studio in Bucharest

The new Funcom office in Bucharest will be open by the end of this summer. The studio will initially serve as the company’s headquarters for quality assurance, with plans in place to expand into other areas of game development over time.

Funcom will provide quality assurance internally by opening a new branch in Bucharest which will serve as its quality assurance headquarters by the end of September 2021.

The new studio has already started their hiring process and new hires can expect to work on titles such as Exiled conan, Metal: Hellsinger and the upcoming Dune survival game.

“The Romanian gaming scene is thriving and Bucharest, in particular, is home to many talented people in the tech and gaming industry,” said Rui Casais, CEO of Funcom. “With our continued growth and increased level of ambition, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that we have the highest quality quality assurance. So we’re very excited to be able to expand into this region with one of the most crucial parts of the development process and we even plan to add more features to this studio over time.

Funcom was founded in 1993 and is by far the largest game developer in Norway. It is best known for online multiplayer games such as Exiled conan (2017), Legends of the Secret World (2012), Age of Conan (2008) and Online Anarchy (2001) and is currently working on a massive new survival game, set in the Dune universe. Interest in Dune is expected to increase following the release of what is expected to be a blockbuster Hollywood movie directed by Denis Villeneuve later this year.

In 2020, Funcom is part of the Tencent Games family. Tencent Games is the world’s leading platform for the development, publication and operation of games. Together with its studios and partners, Tencent Games is committed to delivering high quality interactive entertainment experiences to all gamers around the world. This support has enabled Funcom to significantly increase its workforce and increase its investments in future titles.

In addition to its expansion to Bucharest, Funcom also announces that it has acquired a majority stake in Swedish game developer, The Outsiders, ensuring the company has a presence in Stockholm. Funcom already has offices in Oslo, Lisbon and Raleigh, North Carolina in the United States

Grigoriada Stroe, Human Resources Director of Funcom, was instrumental in planning Funcom’s expansion in Bucharest. She has over a decade of experience in the gaming industry in Romania and before taking her role at Funcom in March, she was Director of Human Resources and Operations for Eastern Europe at Ubisoft. Stroe said that even before joining Funcom, his reputation was that of a company consistently above its weight.

“Now the level of ambition has increased enormously. With the support of Tencent Games, we intend to establish ourselves firmly in a higher weight class, and the Bucharest office is a central part of this ambition. We will start by establishing the new studio as a modern and powerful QA department, and from there we will expand into other areas of development. Employees can expect to join an agile and passionate player company, with an open and transparent communication style, and special attention to maintaining a good work / life balance. Add to that the prospect of working on the next Dune game, this is an incredibly exciting time to start working at Funcom, ”said Grigoriada Stroe, Director of Human Resources at Funcom.