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Video game tutorials that didn’t look like tutorials

We now live in the post-manual world. Without instructions provided, you could argue that a game just needs to have an in-depth tutorial section. Of course, the problem with this is that a lot of people find it a bit boring. Fortunately, this is an issue that has been resolved.

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In fact, there are tons of games that take different approaches so that the tutorial aspect of a game doesn’t look like a tutorial at all. Some of them blend into the story beautifully, others just disguise that what you play educates you at all, but all save players from having to endure another tedious tutorial segment.

ten The witness

The Witness, the first symmetry puzzle, which effortlessly teaches you the new rule.

The Witness is a game that features a number of unique puzzles spread across various locations. As the puzzles evolve over the course of the game, each new segment will require new rules to be established. As such, each chain of puzzles has what one might describe as introductory puzzles. Each time you meet the first puzzle in a batch, you will learn the new rules.

Arguably, The Witness’s intro area acts as a tutorial, because once you’ve completed these puzzles you’re free to roam the island. However, nothing screams tutorial in this section, it just looks like another chain of puzzles.


9 Castlevania 3

Castlevania, attempting to show that the first knocked down tile will not result in death, while the second

The Castlevania series always does a fantastic job of scaffolding the necessary challenges. Castlevania 3 has done a very good job in this regard. As an example, bridges that flip over when you jump on them are first introduced with solid ground underneath, meaning your first instance of seeing one will allow you to experiment and learn the rules. for them.

It will also introduce an isolated enemy, into an open room, allowing you to learn their patterns before you really throw them into a particularly threatening scenario. Castlevania 3 is all about showing the player the threat and trusting them that they will be able to take it from there.

8 Celestial

Celeste, Bird Tutorial tells us how to go for it

Celeste gives you exactly two prompts at the start of the game: climb and rush. Those are the two things it tells you the commands for. Beyond that, the game is simply structured in such a way that you can learn how to combine these two commands to organically solve increasingly difficult sections of platforming.

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If you consider the first two screens to be a tutorial section, the tutorial is complete in seconds. However, the truth is that the game never stops teaching you new tricks, and most of them are learned gradually and naturally.

seven Half life 2

Half Life 2, stacking crates to reach a window

From alien-eaten crows hanging from the ceiling to saw blades lodged in villains’ stomachs, Half-Life 2 likes to provide you with a visual demonstration of something just before forcing you to face it. Another great example is the box stacking puzzle you come across very early on.

There’s a window you can’t reach, and there are giant packed crates nearby. Since it’s painfully obvious what to do next, this will inevitably lead to players experimenting until they figure out which button is moving the items. The whole opening of Half-Life 2 is a tutorial, but the guiding hand is completely invisible.

6 Mega man x

Mega Man X Tutorial Step

Mega Man X has built a reputation for having a legendary tutorial section, and for good reason. Everything is delivered to the player organically. In fact, most people probably don’t think of the first step as a tutorial at all.

It will teach you your shooting types, your ability to jump and shoot, and your ability to climb walls. Best of all, Mega Man X does all of this without ever requiring you to read a single line of text.

5 resident Evil

Resident Evil, showing the Map Room on the first floor

In Resident Evil, the first zombie you fight must be fought using the knife (or you must retreat). Immediately this teaches you that the knife is only for the most difficult situations and that escape is always an option. This encounter is a perfect example of how Resident Evil likes to guide the player.

Enter the room on your right and a card is placed in a bowl supported by a statue. Everything is in view of the camera. How did you get it? Well there is a little staircase nearby so naturally you’re going to try to push them. Everything is so natural. Beyond that, the notes found around the mansion overlap. They give you clues while establishing tradition. It works great and it never has to trick you into a tutorial. Although that would be its own kind of horror …

4 Soulcalibur

Soulcalibur, the Mission mode map

Mission Mode in Soulcalibur is one of the best examples of a secret tutorial. The whole mode encourages you to learn your character. There will be some missions which will require you to win by ringing your opponent, this mission will require you to learn your best ringing maneuvers. Other missions will only let you do damage by juggling your opponent in the air, which encourages you to learn how to juggle any character of your choice.

Mission mode is still a fan favorite to this day. Fans often clamor to get it back. Not only was this tutorial section well hidden, it was legitimately fun. Few fighting games have ever accomplished this.

3 Subtitle

Undertale, Tutorial Stage (an example of a literal grip)

What’s the best way to create a tutorial that doesn’t make you want to pull your teeth out? Well, just make a big joke out of it. This is what Undertale does. There is a literal grip. Goat Mom will hold your hand and walk you through a section. Another moment causes her to fidget nervously as you push your way down a path that offers no risk. Heck, your first fight is against a training dummy.

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However, although these are absolutely satirical classic tutorial sections, it also teaches you the basics of the game. It makes you feel like you are part of the prank, although you find the information useful, and everyone else. can laugh a little. In addition, its name is Toriel. Go on.

2 Demon souls

Demon's Souls, Boss Tutorial

The entire Souls series is known to be brutal. However, while it’s known to be a series that will take you deep in the deep end, it also has some nice little tutorial sections. One of the advantages for them is that they gradually build up the difficulty of dating. In Demon’s Souls, you will start by fighting the most modest troops, then the typical armored soldiers, to finally fight a knight with blue eyes. And then, of course, you’ll be done with the big bad himself: The Vanguard Demon. You are Assumed dying to that first boss, and successfully defeating it will teleport you straight to the dragon god where you will have no choice but to die, so the game can introduce you to the Nexus.

There are also a lot of clues that you can read in the field. So if you want to know the commands, you can collect this knowledge. Or you can choose to just walk. It allows you to engage with the tutorial elements as much or as little as you want. There is very little stuff here; this is a section of the game that teaches you everything you need to know.

1 Journey

Journey, the controlling mind shows us how to jump

Journey is a game focused almost exclusively on providing an intuitive and curiosity-stimulating experience. It doesn’t tell you where to go, it guides you where you need to be by putting things that stimulate curiosity away.

There’s the weird ephemeral controller that will appear and give you explicit controls, but the game never stops you and forces you to interact with these tutorial items. It is more than possible for you to just make your way through this adventure without ever really interacting with them.

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