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Video shows ground motion under UNC’s Armando Bacot

Was the floor defective in Monday’s NCAA championship game between Kansas and North Carolina?

Tar Heels fans are fed up with speculation that the court floors inside Caesars Superdome were loose. In slow-motion footage circulating online, UNC forward Armando Bacot is seen dribbling towards the basket during a crucial possession with less than a minute left in the game – and the pitch appears to be moving under his feet as he rolled his ankle.

Bacot turned the ball over and it was one round from there, with the top-seeded Jayhawks making a historic comeback to defeat UNC, 72-69.

Armando Bacot appears to be rolling his ankle after the ground apparently shifted inside Caesars Superdome
Twitter/Marc Ryan

The 6-foot-11 junior recorded 15 points, 15 rebounds and two assists in the crushing loss.

“I was just trying to drive to the basket” Bacot said after the game. “And I just subconsciously tried to get off my right foot. And then it was the ankle that was injured. And I just rolled it again.

Bacot was already playing injured after wrapping the same ankle in Saturday’s win over Duke.

Bacot reacts in pain in the second half against Kansas
Bacot reacts in pain in the second half against Kansas
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He was briefly out with 5:18 left in the second half before coming back and ending the game.

The Caesars Superdome ground in New Orleans was temporary, as the multi-purpose stadium is also home to the Saints.