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What does Vince McMahon’s retirement mean for WWE’s next video game?

It was an extremely shocking night for WWE fans on Friday as Vince McMahon announced his retirement from all roles in the company. This came as a surprise to everyone, including many backstage, as Brock Lesnar reportedly left Smackdown hours before the show aired. He finally made it back in time for the show, but it was a chaotic night.

As Vince McMahon has led WWE since 1982, every major moment in the company’s history has been thanks to his contribution. This has left many excited about how WWE will change following his retirement, especially since the general consensus is that the product has become obsolete over the past few years.

An aspect of WWE that could see big changes in the next video game. WWE 2K23 has already been confirmed, and McMahon’s retirement is unlikely to affect that. However, the details of the game could be very different without Vince at the helm. Whether it’s a ripple effect on how WWE is changing or direct changes to who takes over, we’ll talk about the main ways this news could affect WWE 2K23.

Cover stars from WWE games are always highly anticipated, as they show who WWE has the most faith in as a marketable face. It is unknown when WWE 2K23 the cover will be revealed, but speculation is rife with Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes being the favorites in the minds of fans. However, a legend like Triple H or The Undertaker is always a possibility.

That said, Vince McMahon has often made strange decisions with this in the past. There was a rather notorious incident with WWE ’13, where Vince and other WWE officials insisted that Sheamus be put on the cover, despite the developer’s overwhelming desire for CM Punk. With different people running the business and promoting the stars, those talks could be very different from now on.

The Bella Twins

One of the biggest complaints about WWE’s roster of games is the lack of women from past eras making the roster. WWE 2K22 had the extremely notable omission of Lita, one of the biggest female stars of the Attitude era, and many more were left out.

With Vince McMahon’s retirement in part due to the current sexual misconduct investigation he’s been experiencing, it’s possible the barrier to entry for many female stars of yesteryear will be lifted for this game’s roster. Fans of the “Divas” era of women’s wrestling may be in for a treat in the future.

WWE 2K22 The Undertaker Hell in a Cell Chokeslame

While the idea of ​​realism in wrestling is still pretty laughable, over the years WWE video games have shifted more and more towards a realistic simulation of the sport. The fact is that many of the most popular games in the series, such as wwf no mercy, have a much more arcade style. Hopefully McMahon stepping away from the product will help change things up a bit more and a whole lot more fun in the process.

Michael Cole

One of Vince’s most ridiculous WWE rules was the list of words no one was ever allowed to say. For example, commentators are not allowed to say that a wrestler has been taken to a “hospital”, instead they must say “local medical facility”. People who watch WWE are not “fans”, they are “the WWE Universe”. Wrestlers don’t get “title shots”, they get “championship opportunities”.

These are just some of the more absurd, but we may see commentators start to use this kind of language again now that Vince isn’t in their ears on every show, and in-game commentary may change to reflect that.

WWE 2K22 Chris Jericho Liontamer

While it’s unlikely we’ll ever see non-WWE wrestlers in video games, the developers have been sneaking in top finishers and entries from other wrestlers for years. If you want to use Kenny Omega’s One Winged Angel move, you’ll find it in WWE 2K22 under “Electric Chair Driver”, or if you want Adam Cole’s entry move, it’s under “Thunderous Boom”. This is despite both of these wrestlers being in AEW.

Without Vince’s oversight, it’s possible more Easter eggs like this will fall through the cracks, to the benefit of fans who love other wrestling companies like Impact, AEW, or NJPW.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GLHF.