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Wordle: The Party Game is a board game version of the hit online puzzle

The hit online puzzle Wordle is being transformed into a multiplayer board game. The New York Timeswho bought Wordle earlier this year, associates with Hasbro to bring Wordle from the digital world to the physical world as Wordle: the party game Later this year.

Wordle rose to prominence largely because, at least for a little while, it seemed like literally everyone was sharing their results on Twitter. But in fact, solving a Wordle puzzle is usually a lonely endeavor. In Wordle: The Party Game, however, Wordle becomes a group activity.

A player thinks of a five-letter word that the other players must first try to guess. Once people have made their guesses, the word thinker will slide translucent yellow and green tiles over the correct letters. You’ll make your guesses with dry-erase markers on small dry-erase boards, so once a round is over, you can just wipe the boards and play again.

You can get an idea of ​​how it will all work in this Hasbro video.

Tome, Wordle: the party game looks like it might be awkward to play in person. Having to place the tiles on letters after each guess seems to be tedious. But I’m sure it’s quite satisfying to guess a word before the rest of your friends seated around the table do. Isn’t that part of why we all brag about our online Wordle results on Twitter anyway?

Wordle: the party game will be available in North America in October and you can pre-order it starting Thursday for $19.99. The game website says it will ship on October 1, but warns that this is an approximate date subject to change.