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WWE 2K22 servers are down for many players

The WWE 2K22 online multiplayer servers seem to be having issues, with many players unable to access online game modes.

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WWE 2K22The official release date for is Friday, March 11, but those willing to pay a little more can get early access. By purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition for $99.99 or the nWo 4-Life Edition for $119.99, fans can jump into WWE 2K22 at present. Unfortunately, those hoping to experience the game’s online features may be disappointed at this time, as the servers seem to be down for many players.

the WWE 2K22 the servers have been experiencing significant issues since Wednesday, March 9, with the issues being acknowledged by the game’s official Twitter account. According to the tweet, WWE 2K22 servers are down due to “high volume of concurrent players”. As you often see with new games, too many people are trying to play online at the same time, and this essentially causes server congestion. However, the WWE 2K22 the developers are working to fix the issue and promise to release more updates as they become available. The issues seem to be consistent across all platforms, so PC, PlayStation, and Xbox gamers are out of luck, but it’s unclear if all WWE 2K22 players have problems or if some can still play online.


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While the WWE 2K22 online servers are down, players will have limited access to online game modes and features. It means that WWE 2K22 Early access players hoping to take on their friends online are out of luck at the moment, but on the bright side, the game has plenty of modes that don’t require online connectivity.

For example, the WWE 2K22 Showcase mode is a completely offline experience. This single-player experience allows players to relive the highlights of WWE legend Rey Mysterio’s career, following him from his days in WCW to some of his more recent matches against modern superstars. Like previous iterations of the mode, the WWE 2K22 Showcase allows players to complete bonus objectives to unlock additional content, so it should keep fans busy while they wait for the servers to come back online.

There is also WWE 2K22The MyGM mode is also to be discovered. While some WWE 2K22 critics have expressed disappointment with the unnecessary limitations and restrictions present in MyGM, those who play a full season will still have a lot to do, and it should be a fun time while it lasts.

We will update this article once WWE 2K22 online servers have been restored.

WWE 2K22 launches March 11 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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