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XYZZY’s Ethereal Realms Heads To San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The biggest next-gen play-to-earn MMORPG experience to come dubai will be unveiled at the famous Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this month, promising the gaming community an unprecedented experience.

Realms of Ethernity (RoE), by MiamiXYZZY, a metaverse-based game company, is a AAA-rated massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) filled with hundreds of immersive, action-packed games that are up for grabs, which means developers and gamers alike can build, own and monetize the entire gaming experience. It has won over gamers and investors after its recent unveiling at from Austin SXSW conference earlier this month.

that of San Francisco Game Developers Conference (GDC) March 21 to March 25 sees the second leg of the American RoE roadshow, before culminating in Miami CryptoWorldCon next month.

“The reaction we’ve received towards RoE from everyone at SXSW has us incredibly excited to continue showing the world what an amazing game we’re developing,” said Haydn SnapeFounder and CEO of dubaibased at Decentralized Investment Group (DIG), which powered XYZZY and its subsequent GameFi products.

“RoE has an unmatchable edge to any other game on the blockchain; it delivers incredible quality, definition, and edge, and SXSW allowed us to showcase its storyboard and present it as the visually appealing, strategy-based wonder that ‘he is,’ Snape says.

Developed by DIG’s Wild Thunder studio in Vietnam, thanks to the work of more than 65 talented developers working full-time on the game, RoE is a chain-driven open-world MMORPG that should have a beta ready by December this year. Think Skyrim, Final Fantasy, and World of Warcraft all rolled into one, where a user can go on adventures, complete quests, buy land, and start businesses to monetize in-game. It will also feature mining various in-game precious metals and minerals that can be used to craft unique collectibles that can then be sold in the market as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Everything that can be interacted with in the game will be an NFT, and the player’s persistent character avatar will be a semi-fungible token that can be upgraded or changed in appearance throughout the game.

The game itself covers every genre you can think of: adventure, racing, exploration, combat, and more, in an ever-expanding universe. Through RoE, game creators and gamers can own parts of the world, create their own NFTs, foster a player base, and have a say in the future of the platform. And most importantly, they will be able to profit from their hard work with the platform’s main utility token, $RETH, allowing developers and players to monetize their gaming experience.

“The importance of presenting at GDC cannot be underestimated,” says Snape. “This is exactly the community we need to be in to solidify future partnerships that will take RoE to the next level. There’s nothing of that caliber out there and we want to show it.”

XYZZY’s goal, along with the team behind RoE, is to bring blockchain into mainstream gaming, appealing to both crypto and non-crypto enthusiasts alike by providing the benefits of beneficial ownership, digital scarcity, monetization capabilities and interoperability.


About GDC

The annual Game Developers Conference is the games industry’s premier professional event, championing game developers and the advancement of their craft, defining market innovations and providing insight into the future of games. GDC brings together the game development community to exchange ideas, solve problems and shape the future of the industry over five days of education, inspiration and networking. Attendees include programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, and business leaders.

About DIG

Decentralized Investment Group (DIG) is a multinational blockchain technology conglomerate holding company headquartered in dubai and committed to making impactful investments in blockchain. DIG seeks out exclusive investment opportunities within the Web3 space and transforms them into cutting-edge products that promote individual freedom and economic freedom around the world. Ultimately, DIG is a key player in the decentralized investment ecosystem, using blockchain solutions to revolutionize the world and make it a fairer place for everyone.

About ROE

DIG’s GameFi branch has created subsidiary XYZZY, creators of the world’s first triple-A quality MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), Realms of Ethernity (RoE). Realms of Eternity, a next-generation free-to-play blockchain MMORPG, is a World of Warcraft-inspired virtual world filled with hundreds of immersive, action-packed games where developers and players can create, own, and monetize their gaming experience. RoE was a $5 million initial investment for DIG, which then managed to raise a $5 million with investors.

On Haydn Snape

Haydn SnapeFounder and CEO of DIG

Investor, strategist and serial entrepreneur with a penchant for building disruptive blockchain companies since 2017, Haydn Snape is the founder and CEO of multinational blockchain technology conglomerate Decentralized Investment Group (DIG). Based at dubainestled in the world’s tallest building at Burj Khalifa, with offices around the world, DIG’s mission is to build, develop and invest in pioneering blockchain products that promote the values ​​of decentralization, financial independence and individual liberty.

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